4 types de livraisons

1. Client Pick-up

You may rent all the equipment necessary for your event, pick it up yourself, and return it after your event.

2. Delivery

ISM offers delivery and pick up so you don't have to rent a truck to move the load.
Delivery services have pricing for smaller and larger loads to best fit your budget (varies based on location).

3. Delivery and Installation

Let a team of qualified technicians do the heavy lifting!
Your rented equipment is both delivered and set up for you to operate, then taken down and transported back after your event.

4. Delivery, Installation, and Operation

For the greatest experience, allow a qualified sound and lighting technician to opetate the equipment during your event.

ISM will plan out logistics such as artists' tech riders to facilitate communication, create a specific stage design for you, and program lighting cues specific to your event.
Save the stress and hassle of transporting, setting up, and operating the rented gear.
Allow yourself to focus on what's really important, enjoying your event!

Ensembles tout inclus

For your convenience, ISM has light and sound packages available.

All packages may be fully customized to accomidate your needs.

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